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downtown vancouver dry cleanerWash-n-fold

Too busy to do laundry?  Rather be going to yoga class?  Our Wash-n-fold service is for you!  Simply walk into one of our two stores, drop it off, show up later or the next day, and pick it up. In the meantime, go have fun, work, make money, or do whatever you do best.  If you normally do your own laundry but don’t want to tackle occasional big jobs such as washing comforters or mountains of dirty clothes after a long trip, then let us help you.  Your time is worth it!

Getting ready for the chilly season and taking winter blankets out of storage?  Please note we currently have Comforter and Bedding wash-n-fold special.

Wash-n-fold pickup & delivery

Are you a hotel guest? Want to spend every minute enjoying our fair city?  Let us handle your laundry.  We provide pickup & delivery service to Vancouver hotels and our wash-n-fold service is much more reasonably priced than what hotels typically charge.

Are you a college student and too busy to do laundry? Too often ruining clothes due to inexperience?  Your mom may not be able to help you right now but we are! Ask us about prepaid Campus Plan pickup & delivery service.

Call 604-873-3888 or 604-559-8733 to arrange.